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Oracle Peoplesoft Campus Solution - Live implementation
by Ong Ronald - Friday, 17 February 2012, 03:46 PM

To all Students:

Oracle Peoplesoft Campus Solution (also known as "Oracle PSCS", "Oracle Campus") is already live for all AMACC Branches and will soon be deployed in all other brands.  In order to prepare you for this change, it is imperative that the following be done:

            a. You should now spend time to know about Oracle PSCS, its background and the new procedures that we will have when you shift to it

            b. You should promote the use of said system to all your Classmates

            c. For AMACC Branches, you have to ensure that you are all using the system now because the CIS will be decommissioned very soon.

To do this, we urge you to do the following:

            a. You have to go to the support site at  Everything that you want to know and need to know about Oracle PSCS is there.  You have to do this immediately.

            b. A webcast session will be conducted very soon (est 27 Feb) but our expectation is that you have already read the materials inside the support site by then

            c. You have to promote the site to your fellow students so that they will also know and use the system ASAP.  Separate webcast sessions will be held for them.

            d. It is also suggested that you spend time in the computer and internet laboratory time for students to use the system.  Consequently, this system is purely web based so everyone so you can use any internet connected computer from anywhere to test and use the system.

Your deans and teachers will be checking on your progress from time to time
You may ask your Local IT and Teachers.